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How to change the size of your penis?

Recognising men's sexual problems, manufacturers make every effort to satisfy them. It is all about finding an effective solution which helps to improve penis size, both in volume and length. Many men complain on penis. This leads to satisfying their sexual needs as well as those of their partner. Inadequate penis size has a definite influence on lowered self-esteem, difficulties in establishing contacts with persons of the opposite sex. In order to satisfy men's needs, manufacturers introduce products on the market which make it possible to achieve a satisfying penis size. In order to make it easier to choose the best solution, a list of three, in most effective products was prepared.

Ranking of pills for penis enlargement
Rating 10/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars

Composition and action

Member XXL tablets are a perfect combination of the best ingredients, among which there are:

  • l-arginine,
  • fenugreek extract,
  • sabal palm fruit extract,
  • ground mace,
  • citronella fruit extract,
  • Korean ginseng,
  • saffron,
  • black pepper.

The supplement based on unique dietary combination is appreciated by men of all ages. This is thanks to the optimally developed formula, combining the best ingredients in the right proportions. Natural ingredients reduce the risk of unwanted side effects. The advantage of the product is its exceptional tolerance by the body as well as a high level of safety during its use. Only a few weeks are enough to notice changes in a man's body. After 2 or 3 weeks of starting the treatment, the penis lengthens by approximately 2 centimetres, while after 3 months the change is even 8 centimetres. Satisfied consumers mention, among the advantages resulting from systematic use of the product:

  • thickening and lengthening of the penis,
  • increased blood flow to the penis, making it harder,
  • more frequent and stronger erections,
  • optimising blood cholesterol levels.

Recommendations for use and purchase

Member XXL is an easily absorbed tablet which should be taken by a man twice a day, preferably 30 minutes before a meal with plenty of water. Achieving the best results is ensured by regular use of the product for a period from a few to several weeks. This is an individual matter. As a result of conducted research, it can be concluded that users need to wait 3 or 4 months for the best effects.

Member XXL is a product available only in the Internet through authorized manufacturer's website. In this way we have a guarantee of purchasing an original, tested and proven effective product. In many situations a purchase in a stationary shop or through online auctitons may end up with a purchase of a fake supplement. The cost of one package of Member XXL is £39.00 and it is enough for a one-month-treatment. The price is not the lowest but if you choose a package of several packs of Member XXL pills it is significantly lowered. Generally speaking, if you decide to buy 3 packs, you pay only for 2 packs; if you buy 6 packs, you pay only for 3 packs.

Rating 9,8/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars

Composition and action

Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before is a combination of natural ingredients which makes it possible to obtain satisfactory results. The formula includes the following ingredients selected in the right proportions:

  • L-arginine,
  • maca root,
  • fenugreek,
  • Korean ginseng root,
  • ground mace.


It is safe to say that the Eron Plus product set works perfectly for men over the age of 18. On the basis of conducted research, scientists have come to the conclusion that Eron Plus:

  • enables you to achieve an erection,
  • has an antioxidant effect,
  • slows down the ageing process,
  • increases the efficiency of the body,
  • reduces smooth muscle tension,
  • relaxes blood vessels,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • strengthens the body,
  • increases vitality,
  • improves sperm production,
  • has a positive effect on male libido,
  • helps to maintain an erection,
  • increases testosterone levels,
  • provides an intense sexual experience,
  • has the effect of prolonging the duration of intercourse.

Recommendations for use and purchase

In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is recommended to take both Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before at the same time. The former should be taken 2 times a day, 1 tablet before a meal with plenty of water. Meanwhile, Eron Plus Before is recommended by the manufacturer to be taken at least 30 minutes before the planned intercourse. The product should not be used by people suffering from problems with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and heart diseases as it affects the circulatory system.

The set of products Eron Plus and Eron Plus Before can be found on the manufacturer's website for £49.00. This solution provides support during one month of treatment. Definitely, it is more beneficial to purchase 3 packs of the product at the price of £98.00, or 6 at the price of £147.00. The big package of Eron Plus is mainly targeted at people who are determined for a long-term treatment. The unit price of a package is then 15 pounds. Where ca nit be bought? It is recommended to purchase only from the manufacturer's website because then the purchases are safe and discreet. The purchased product is original and effective then.

Rating 9,6/10
Action: stars
Effectiveness: stars
Durability of results: stars
Security: stars
Price: stars

Composition and action

Semaxin is a supplement for men based on natural ingredients which minimize the risk of side effects. This product is a combination of vitamins, trace elements and extract from plant extracts, plenty of whose formula has a direct effect on:

  • improvement of erections,
  • spermogenesis,
  • increased desire,
  • improved maintenance of male sexual function,
  • stimulation of testosterone production,
  • providing a satisfying sexual experience,
  • testosterone production,
  • improvement of mental and physical condition,
  • immune system, circulatory system,
  • removal of erectile dysfunction,
  • cleansing the body of toxins.

Semaxin consists of:

  • mace extract
  • astragalus root extract
  • Indian ginseng extract
  • saffron flower extract
  • NAC, or N-acetyl-L-cysteine
  • black pepper extract BioPerine®
  • coenzyme Q 10
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin B12
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • folate

Recommendations for use and purchase

The presence of natural ingredients in the composition of Semaxin guarantees safety of use so men do not have to be afraid of side effects. The manufacturer recommends Semaxin for prophylactic use and as a product improving the reproductive capacity of the body. It is recommended to take 2 capsules of the supplement daily 30 minutes before a meal and drink plenty of water. The best results are obtained during a 3-6 month-treatment with Semaxin.

The original, tested and safe Semaxin can be found on the manufacturer's website by mail order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy the supplement in stationary shops. The price of one package of the product is £49.00 and it provides tablets for a one-month-treatment. Customers may also take advantage of larger packages at much lower prices. If we decide to buy 3 packs of Semaxin, we will pay £98.00, whereas 6 packs in an optimal package cost £147.00. The most attractive price is the optimal package, where the price of one pack is 15 pounds.


Both problems with erection and the appropriate size of the penis are a worry for men of all ages. For this reason, there are many products on the market which aim to eliminate the inconvenience. Which one to choose? This is already an individual issue for each man. In the article, there are presented three most effective solutions. Choose the right supplement for your needs today and enjoy the pleasures of life.


What to look for when choosing penis enlargement products?


The choice of products designed to increase the volume and length of the penis is quite large. So how to choose the most effective one? First of all, penis enlargement treatment may have a completely different course in every man, as it is an individual matter depending on many factors. The aim of these products is, among others, to improve penis size, erection as well as spermogenesis and consequently male fertility. Let us choose high quality products which, unfortunately, in many cases require higher financial expenses. In many cases it turns out that cheap products do not give the expected effects. A higher price often depends on the use of better ingredients which has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the supplementation. In the next step, pay attention to the selection of ingredients, as it is the combination of natural vitamins, microelements and plant extracts that guarantees the success of the entire treatment. Such ingredients as mace, L-arginine, ginseng, sabal palm, maca root, fenugreek, as well as citronella fruit extract are highly recommended. The right concentration of the selected ingredients increases the size of the penis. Conseqently, it strengthens erection ensuring greater blood flow through the male organ which leads to improved sexual sensations of a man and his partner. What is more, choose only tested, authorised sources so that you receive a product tested, of confirmed composition and effectiveness.

Penis enlargement tablets - what do they contain?


Penis enlargement supplements enjoy a constantly growing interest among men. This should not be surprising because an appropriate penis size guarantees an improvement of sexual sensations of a man and his partner as well as elimination of related complexes. We have been repeatedly asked what penis enlargement supplements contain, so that they guarantee such high effectiveness. For this purpose we analysed the composition of a few most popular products. Undoubtedly, the best action is characterised by products of natural composition because this has a direct influence on our safety and health. Appropriate combination of natural ingredients influences, among others, improvement of erection, regulation of male hormonal economy as well as support of the circulatory system and normalisation of the central nervous system. The following ingredients deserve particular attention and they include l-arginine, fenugreek extract, sabal palm fruit extract, Chinese citron fruit extract, Korean ginseng, or extracts from mace, astragalus root, Indian ginseng, and saffron flower. It is important to choose the right ingredients as well as to combine them in the right proportions.

What effect do penis enlargement tablets have?


Recent years have brought particular interest among men in solutions improving their appearance, better self-confidence and elimination of any complexes. An increasing number of men of various ages are interested in supplementation which also influences changes in the sexual sphere. There is a growing interest in penis enlargement products, the effects of which are visible already after a few weeks from the beginning of use, both in length and volume. This is an effect of increased blood flow to the penis, thanks to which it becomes harder. As a result, it ensures more frequent and stronger erections. Penis enlargement products also have an impact on the functioning of the entire organism due to, among others, antioxidant effects or slowing down the ageing process in our body. It has been proven that consumers who decide to take the above mentioned supplements notice increased efficiency of the body. It happens because their blood pressure decreases, vitality increases or the body is cleansed from various toxins. In addition, the supplementation also has a direct effect on increasing the most important male hormone, namely testosterone. This influences, among other things, better libido, maintaining a strong erection, ensuring intense sexual experiences or eliminating erection-related disorders.

Natural penis enlargement - how to achieve it?


The development of the field of pharmacology has a direct impact on our lives, as it is able to regulate the work of every human organ. Scientists make the greatest efforts to constantly improve already existing solutions. They are believed to ensure high effectiveness of each product as well as their safety. The main Focus is on the characteristics of products, the task of which is to enlarge the penis naturally. People are wondering if it is possible? Of course it is! More and more supplements available on the market are based on natural ingredients, thanks to which they are recommended to men of any age. The presence of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts perfectly regulates the work of male reproductive organs. When choosing a product which is supposed to bring us closer to achieving an appropriate penis size, it is recommended to chose those based on natural ingredients. They penetrate deep into a man's body improving the functioning of the whole organism. The producers also draw attention to the necessity of taking the product regularly. What is more, even better effects come from combining the treatment with a properly balanced diet.

Benefits of natural penis enlargement


Observing the situation on the pharmaceutical market one may come to a conclusion that penis enlargement products enjoy a constantly growing interest. Particularly noteworthy here are products characterised by a natural composition which consist of l-arginine, fenugreek extract, sabal palm fruit extract, Chinese citronella fruit extract, Korean ginseng, or extracts from mace, astragalus root, Indian ginseng, saffron flower. Systematic use of products with a properly developed formula provides many benefits, among which the first place should be given to safety, as these supplements do not cause any allergic reactions. What is more, these solutions bring visible lengthening and thickening of the penis. This has a direct impact on the functioning of the whole organism as well as of the male psyche. It is precisely the high effectiveness of penis enlargement products that is able to guarantee improvement of self-esteem as well as improvement in contacts with the opposite sex. Satisfied consumers emphasise that erectile dysfunctions resulting from psychological problems have been removed. It is extremely important to believe in one's own abilities.

Effectiveness of penis enlargement supplements


When analysing the options available to help achieve the right penis size, one can distinguish between non-invasive and invasive methods. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We have decided to focus on non-invasive treatments, which are very popular among men. What is the reason for this interest? Precisely because of the effectiveness in action and achieving an appropriate size of the penis. However, it can not be forgotten that taking only supplements will not guarantee spectacular results. It is necessary to take supplements systematically and to implement a properly balanced diet. What is more, each man is different, so the effects of the product may be slightly different since this is an individual issue. At the same time, it is worth noting that in order to achieve the expected results, you may need to take the supplement for a few to more than ten weeks. Do not be discouraged, as it is really worth being patient. The effectiveness is proved by decreased smooth muscle tension, relaxed blood vessels, which also influences better libido, longer and stronger erections.